Building HIKARI Brand with Wisdom
Building HIKARI Brand with Wisdom


Innovation is the soul, the development appears new setup.

Recently, China has released its 10 years roadmap of 《Made-in-China 2025》for upgrading of the country’s manufacturing sector. It is seen as the second time China learns from western countries since its opening and reform. 《Made-in-China 2025》is also called China version of “industry 4.0”. As for the first country whom come up with industry 4.0, Germany will integrate digital technology to industrial production. China should not be absent in this reform. Under this background, China’s sewing equipments also start its 4.0 reform.

As for a challenger of the sewing industry in the world, HIKARI has its own R&D center, we firstly created computerized overlock machine has captured 60% market share. MD of Hikari Mr Wu Liangjie said that we need realism during development. Now the industry 4.0 has clear blueprint and mature technique. We need to pay more attention and endeavor for it, and be determined to push it forward.

Our solution for this is innovation. We are a group of researching and innovation since establishment. In the development, Hikari adopted most advanced equipments, we take advantage of the world first brand supplier system, and make the quality in the same level with them. We never stop pursuing innovation and intelligence. We will benefit customers with high quality and advanced equipments.

Except that, we hikari is making the new records all the way, meanwhile we are awarded with different honours: Top ten among China’s self-innovation sewing machine brands; First suggested standard production of sewing machine; State Key Innovative products Prize; Shanghai high-tech enterprise; Shanghai equipments manufacturer and high-tech self-innovative brand; Top twenty industry enterprise; Technique enterprise Innovation Prize; Top ten of customer-trust sewing machine brand……
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